A well-installed, high-quality fence that will stand the test of time is essential for any property in the Summit County region. That’s why the professional team at Wasatch Front fence company, The Fence Company, installs our posts using a no-dig method as often as possible.

The no-dig method is very different from traditional fence installation methods but has proven to have many benefits. In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about our no-dig method and why it sets us apart from other companies in the Wasatch Front region. 

What is a No-Dig Summit County Residential Fence?

We prioritize quality installation practices by using a no-dig fence method and installing our fence posts using a post driver. Driving fence posts allows us to securely place your fence posts deep into the ground without tearing up your yard or pouring large amounts of concrete. 


Many fence companies use the traditional method of installing residential, commercial, and agricultural fences by digging large holes, pouring concrete, and then placing the fence posts into the concrete. While this technique is usually initially effective, it is a messy, time-consuming process that does not provide the same longevity as our no-dig method.


Here are some of the benefits of choosing to use a Wasatch Front fence company that practices the No-Dig method rather than the traditional fence post method! 

The Benefits of Driving Fence Posts For a Summit County Residential Fence

1. Driving Fence Posts is Faster

When working with any other Wasatch Front fence company, the installation crew will show up to your property with shovels ready to dig several holes in your yard. The holes need to be relatively deep, and they also need to be wider at the bottom with smooth sides to avoid posts being displaced if you are in an area where the ground freezes. Unfortunately, this is a messy process that takes a lot of time and causes a lot more disruption to the property owner’s yard.


When you hire the professional team at The Fence Company, we come to your home with our post driver and sink your new fence posts deep into the ground without displacing any dirt! By utilizing post drivers, we can be sure that your fence posts are placed evenly and deep enough into the ground each time. Our no-dig method means you don’t have to wait for your fence company to mix or pour any concrete! When you want a new Summit County residential fence fast, the pros at The Fence Company are your best bet! 

2. Our No-Dig Method Keeps Your Yard Neat and Clean

You may be asking yourself, if I choose a fence company that uses the traditional method of digging post holes, what happens to all that dirt after the post holes are dug? Unfortunately, many local companies that install your Summit County residential fence are not upfront with this information, so they end up leaving piles of dirt strewn throughout your yard! 


When you work with the team at Wascth Front fence company, The Fence Company, you don’t have to worry about piles of dirt being left around. Using our no-dig installation method, our posts are driven firmly into the solid ground using a post driver. A post driver is a mechanical or gas-powered machine that sinks posts into the ground without any pre-dug holes. 

3. Summit County Residential Fence Longevity

When you have a beautiful new perimeter fence installed around your property, you need to be confident that it won’t shift or fall over during the course of the harsh Utah winters. That’s why we tell our customers about frost heaves! Each winter, the water in the Utah soil freezes and expands, displacing dirt and any other objects in the ground, like fence posts. 


With the traditional fence installation method, the concrete surrounding the fence post naturally attracts water. The water then freezes and expands and starts to push the fence post upward, causing what we call a frost heave. Fence companies typically try to avoid this issue by digging very smooth holes or creating a bell-shaped hole. Still, these techniques are difficult to complete perfectly each time they dig a hole throughout the fence installation process. 


When we drive our fence posts, we place them at least 30” into the ground, below the frost line. This means that the bottom of your fence posts is placed in soil that will not freeze or succumb to frost heaves during the winter. 

Working With a Reputable Wasatch Front Fence Company Is Vital

Choosing a well-established and knowledgeable Wasatch Front fence company to work with can be a challenge. At The Fence Company, we set ourselves apart from our competitors with our superior fence installation methods and vast experience. Take a look at the photo gallery on our website and see why Wasatch Front residents choose us over the competition every time!