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    Looking for the right fence contractor in your area, but underwhelmed with the competition? Hire a superior Utah fencing contractor and get it installed right the first time with The Fence Company.

    Aluminum Fence Installation in Utah

    Aluminum fencing is a type of metal fence material that is powder-coated black, bronze, or white. Commonly used in residential Utah properties where privacy is of no concern, this cost-effective iron fence alternative is perfect for pool enclosures, backyards that border bodies of water or waterways, and for homes with small children or pets. Aluminum fence panel styles are typically very similar, often consisting of a top and bottom rail, with an option for a third rail, and a transparent fencing panel that features pickets spaced a few inches apart.

    Aluminum Fencing Features:

    • Ornamental aluminum
    • Aluminum pool fencing
    • Black, bronze, and white color
    • Heights up to 6 Ft.
    • Custom aluminum gates available
    Aluminum Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Utah

    Composite Fence Installation in Utah

    Composite fencing is a fencing material that is created with recycled materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled plastics. It is a great alternative to wood and vinyl fencing but is typically a more expensive choice. We currently offer both TREX® and SimTek® composite fencing, the two most modern and high-end Utah composite fencing manufacturers. Composite fencing panels are full privacy, and provide a great deal of security to any residential property while greatly increasing the aesthetics of the front and back yards.

    Composite Fencing Features:

    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Incredibly Durable; low maintenance
    • Many wood grain and stone finishes available
    • Stone masonry look available through SimTek®
    • Custom composite gates available
    Composite Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Utah

    Iron Fence Installation in Utah

    Wrought Iron and Ornamental Iron fences are extremely strong and are heavily resistant to the elements and generational wear. Iron fence panels are either welded together and then powder coated, or are cast through a molding process. Often used for estate homes, high-end traditional properties, gates, and commercial iron security fences, this fencing style is the most secure, but also among the most expensive. Ornamental iron fences also feature added accents such as circles, unique finials, and welded scrolls.

    Iron Fencing Features:

    • Absolute security
    • Unique ornamental styles
    • Accent masonry walls for traditional properties
    • Custom panel designs available on request
    • Custom iron gates available
    Iron Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Utah

    PVC & Vinyl Fence Installation in Utah

    PVC Fences, also known as vinyl fences, are among the most popular residential fencing options in the state of Utah. This incredibly versatile fencing material is created by a chemical process that fortifies the plastic profiles against decay and impact damage. Many styles are available such as vinyl privacy, vinyl picket, vinyl semi-privacy, and even vinyl ranch fencing, for commercial farm or agricultural applications. Standard colors include white and tan with many other colors and finishes such as black and wood grain available upon request.

    Vinyl Fencing Features:

    • Privacy, picket, semi-privacy, and ranch styles
    • Great for residential Utah properties
    • Resilient to storms and decay; 0 maintenance
    • Custom panel designs available on request
    • Custom welded vinyl gates available
    Vinyl Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Utah

    Wood Fence Installation in Utah

    Wood fences are among the most popular residential fences in Utah, and are oftentimes the most aesthetically pleasing fencing material when installed with modern configurations. Typically made with cedar wood, this fencing type comes in a wide variety of styles including board-on-board, horizontal, spaced board, picket, and also wood agricultural farm styles such as split rail. Cedar fences and other types of wood fences are typically standard wood finish, but can also be stained or painted, making them highly customizable.

    Wood Fencing Features:

    • Traditional and modern variations
    • Highly customizable with staining & painting
    • Beautiful cedar cuts of wood
    • Pressure treated posts
    • Custom wood gates available
    Wood Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Utah
    Professional Vinyl Fence Installed in Salt Lake City, Utah

    Professional Fence Installation Project Planning

    At The Fence Company, we prioritize professional planning for exceptional results. We understand your unique requirements and conduct thorough site assessments. Taking into account factors like terrain and property layout, we tailor the planning process to your needs. With attention to detail, we create comprehensive project plans, considering scope, timeline, and budget.

    Our experienced team collaborates closely, providing clear communication and guidance. We ensure compliance with regulations and permits for a hassle-free process. By anticipating challenges and mapping out the project, we minimize disruptions and ensure efficient execution. Trust The Fence Company for precise, timely, and budget-friendly fencing projects.

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    Expert Craftsmanship & Premium Quality Fencing Material

    Experience expert craftsmanship with The Fence Company. Our skilled artisans deliver superior fencing solutions built to last. From precise measurements to flawless finishing touches, our attention to detail ensures a visually appealing and durable fence. Trust our knowledge and expertise in handling various materials and installation techniques.

    We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques for long-lasting durability. Enhance your property's aesthetic appeal while ensuring security and functionality. Choose The Fence Company for exceptional fencing solutions that stand the test of time. Your trusted partner in expert craftsmanship.

    Expertly Crafted High Quality Cedar and Aluminum Fencing Installed Near Salt Lake
    Wood Fence Installed in Salt Lake County, UT by a Local Trusted Fence Contractor

    We're a Utah Fence Company that you can trust

    Our business is built on honesty, transparency, and unwavering ethical standards. We prioritize your best interests every step of the way, offering accurate information and transparent communication and pricing. Our team operates with integrity, respecting your privacy and maintaining confidentiality. Quality is never compromised, we use premium materials and skilled professionals who take pride in their work, and we stand behind our fences, ensuring they meet or exceed industry standards.

    Build a long-lasting relationship with us based on trust & integrity, and experience the exceptional peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is in the right hands.

    The Fence Company's Happiness Guarantee

    At The Fence Company, we're all about making our customers happy. That's why all of our fences have a Happiness Guarantee to give you peace of mind. Each fence includes:

    Perfect Punchlist

    We want your new fence to be perfect, so we work with you every step of the way to make sure that you're completely happy with the final product. We won't stop until every box is checked.

    30-Day Post-Install Inspection

    30 days after your fence is installed, we'll do a final check to make sure everything is just as you wanted. And if there are any issues, we'll take care of them right away.

    Free Repairs for 3 Years

    We want you to enjoy your new fence for years to come. So, if any issues pop up within the first 3 years, we'll fix them up for free. No questions asked *clause for physical damage.

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    The Fence Company is a fully licensed and insured fence contracting company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our experienced sales representatives and expert fencing installation specialists have years of experience installing all types of fence and gate materials in Salt Lake County, Summit County, and Wasatch Counties. We are adept at installing all types of fencing in Utah, and can handle any fencing installation project no matter the size or scope.

    As a Utah fence company, we understand the local building codes, county, and city requirements, and limitations that any property may face during the fence installation project timeline such as determining the location of fence installation, planning and obtaining fence permits, ordering fence materials from local Salt Lake City fence suppliers, and execution of fence installation by master fence installers.

    Vinyl Picket Fence Installed in Salt Lake City, Utah

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    Commonly Asked Fence Installation Questions

    • Whether or not you will need a permit for your fencing installation depends heavily on the type of fence, and specific location your property is in. For example, Salt Lake City fence installation projects do in fact require a fence permit, though other areas may only require a fence permit if height exceeds 7 Ft. Always check with your local Utah building department to make sure.

    • Prior to any installation, Bluestakes of Utah is contacted and will come out to your property to fully mark any underground utility installations that exist on your property. However, it is important to note that, while utility wires will be located, sprinklers and any wires you've installed to sheds will not be marked, so make sure to inform us about these prior to installation.

    • Lead times can vary based on our current work load, on whether or not there is a waiting period to obtain, or on lead times to procure your fencing material from our material suppliers. Certain custom fencing projects and custom gate projects can take a significant amount of time to fabricate or obtain materials, but this is something a sales representative will discuss with you during the planning and estimation process.

    • Most fence materials with the exception of wood come with lifetime or limited-lifetime manufacturers warranties. We do stand by our work, and offer a labor warranty in our contract. Please enquire about material warranty specifics with your sales representative during the installation planning process.

    • It is important to discuss your fencing installation project with any neighbors that you share property lines with. In some cases, their yards may be left open during installation or property lines may be encroached upon by previous construction. There is also a chance that they may contribute financially to the installation if the fencing panels are shared between properties.

    • We are no-dig fence installation specialists, and it is our preferred method whenever possible. No-dig fencing installation features less landscaping and property disturbance, using a PostMaster® system tamped into place with Rhino post drivers.

      If you live in a very rocky area that won’t allow us to use our no-dig methods or wants a fence product that won’t allow for no-dig posts, our installers have years of experience installing with traditional hand-dig and cement post setting. Whatever your fencing needs, we can take care of it in a professional manner.


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