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    If you’re searching for a fence contracting company to hire for your Magna fence installation project, then your search can end here. At The Fence Company of Magna, we offer modern fence services & material solutions to your problems, and can provide you with a stock or custom fence installation package to fit any needs.

    The Fence Company is fully insured and licensed to operate, install, and create fences and gates in Magna, UT. We are certified fencing installers & contractors with years of experience helping local clients improve the aesthetics and enhance the security of their properties.

    Stop your search for Magna fence companies and hire the best that money can buy, contact us today for a free estimate and take the first step towards fencing in what you care about the most.

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    Aluminum Fence Installation in Magna

    Aluminum fencing is a type of metal fence material that is powder-coated black, bronze, or white. Commonly used in residential Magna properties where privacy is of no concern, this cost-effective iron fence alternative is perfect for pool enclosures, backyards that border bodies of water or waterways, and for homes with small children or pets. Aluminum fence panel styles are typically very similar, often consisting of a top and bottom rail, with an option for a third rail, and a transparent fencing panel that features pickets spaced a few inches apart.

    Aluminum Fencing Features:

    • Ornamental aluminum
    • Aluminum pool fencing
    • Black, bronze, and white color
    • Heights up to 6 Ft.
    • Custom aluminum gates available
    Aluminum Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Magna

    Composite Fence Installation in Magna

    Composite fencing is a fencing material that is created with recycled materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled plastics. It is a great alternative to wood and vinyl fencing but is typically a more expensive choice. We currently offer both TREX® and SimTek® composite fencing, the two most modern and high-end Magna composite fencing manufacturers. Composite fencing panels are full privacy, and provide a great deal of security to any residential property while greatly increasing the aesthetics of the front and back yards.

    Composite Fencing Features:

    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Incredibly Durable; low maintenance
    • Many wood grain and stone finishes available
    • Stone masonry look available through SimTek®
    • Custom composite gates available
    Composite Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Magna

    Iron Fence Installation in Magna

    Wrought Iron and Ornamental Iron fences are extremely strong and are heavily resistant to the elements and generational wear. Iron fence panels are either welded together and then powder coated, or are cast through a molding process. Often used for estate homes, high-end traditional properties, gates, and commercial iron security fences, this fencing style is the most secure, but also among the most expensive. Ornamental iron fences also feature added accents such as circles, unique finials, and welded scrolls.

    Iron Fencing Features:

    • Absolute security
    • Unique ornamental styles
    • Accent masonry walls for traditional properties
    • Custom panel designs available on request
    • Custom iron gates available
    Iron Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Magna

    PVC & Vinyl Fence Installation in Magna

    PVC Fences, also known as vinyl fences, are among the most popular residential fencing options in the Magna are. This incredibly versatile fencing material is created by a chemical process that fortifies the plastic profiles against decay and impact damage. Many styles are available such as vinyl privacy, vinyl picket, vinyl semi-privacy, and even vinyl ranch fencing, for commercial farm or agricultural applications. Standard colors include white and tan with many other colors and finishes such as black and wood grain available upon request.

    Vinyl Fencing Features:

    • Privacy, picket, semi-privacy, and ranch styles
    • Great for residential Magna properties
    • Resilient to storms and decay; 0 maintenance
    • Custom panel designs available on request
    • Custom welded vinyl gates available
    Vinyl Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Magna

    Wood Fence Installation in Magna

    Wood fences are among the most popular residential fences in Magna, and are oftentimes the most aesthetically pleasing fencing material when installed with modern configurations. Typically made with cedar wood, this fencing type comes in a wide variety of styles including board-on-board, horizontal, spaced board, picket, and also wood agricultural farm styles such as split rail. Cedar fences and other types of wood fences are typically standard wood finish, but can also be stained or painted, making them highly customizable.

    Wood Fencing Features:

    • Traditional and modern variations
    • Highly customizable with staining & painting
    • Beautiful cedar cuts of wood
    • Pressure treated posts
    • Custom wood gates available
    Wood Fencing Installed In Salt Lake City, Magna
    • To get started, call us at (385) 232-3949 or submit a an estimate request form through our website to schedule an initial consultation. An experienced sales representative will schedule a free estimate appointment at your Magna property.

    • During your introductory phone call or your on-property estimate, a sales representative will inform you of limitations, code requirements, available fence styles, and other pertinent information, so that you can decide on the best fence application for your unique requirements.

    • Once our sales representative finalizes the estimation process, you will be given a contract complete with your installation details so that you can sign and initiate your order. You will be charged a deposit at this time, with the remaining payment schedule dependent on your individual contract.

    • After your material is purchased, and your permit is ready (if required) we will then schedule your installation. Prior to breaking ground, we will call for marking of utilities, and once we begin, most traditional residential fencing projects take as little as 1-2 days to complete, sometimes, work can be done before the end of a single day!

    • Following removal, installation, and disposal of materials, we will clear the work area and issue you an invoice for your final payment. We’re so sure of the quality of our work, that we stand by it with a comprehensive warranty, all that’s left is to enjoy the lifetime of aesthetics and security that your new fence provides you with!

    How we work

    Modern, professional, Magna fencing project management

    Here at The Fence Company of Magna, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our ethics, but also our ability to ensure a smooth and professional timeline for all of our fencing installation contracts, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

    When you hire us for your Magna fence installation project, you can rest easy knowing that the experts at The Fence Company have everything taken care of.

    Just 5 steps, from start to finish.

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    Servicing all areas within and surrounding Magna, UT


    Commonly Asked Magna Fence Installation Questions

    • Whether or not you will need a permit for your fencing installation depends heavily on the type of fence, and specific location your property is in. Contact the Magna Building Department to learn your fence installation permit requirements.

    • Prior to any installation, Bluestakes of Magna is contacted and will come out to your property to fully mark any underground utility installations that exist on your property. However, it is important to note that, while utility wires will be located, sprinklers and any wires you've installed to sheds will not be marked, so make sure to inform us about these prior to installation.

    • Lead times can vary based on our current work load, on whether or not there is a waiting period to obtain, or on lead times to procure your fencing material from our material suppliers. Certain custom fencing projects and custom gate projects can take a significant amount of time to fabricate or obtain materials, but this is something a sales representative will discuss with you during the planning and estimation process.

    • Most fence materials with the exception of wood come with lifetime or limited-lifetime manufacturers warranties. We do stand by our work, and offer a labor warranty in our contract. Please enquire about material warranty specifics with your sales representative during the installation planning process.

    • It is important to discuss your fencing installation project with any neighbors that you share property lines with. In some cases, their yards may be left open during installation or property lines may be encroached upon by previous construction. There is also a chance that they may contribute financially to the installation if the fencing panels are shared between properties.

    • We are no-dig fence installation specialists, and it is our preferred method whenever possible. No-dig fencing installation features less landscaping and property disturbance, using a PostMaster® system tamped into place with Rhino post drivers.

      If you live in a very rocky area that won’t allow us to use our no-dig methods or wants a fence product that won’t allow for no-dig posts, our installers have years of experience installing with traditional hand-dig and cement post setting. Whatever your fencing needs, we can take care of it in a professional manner.

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      There are many fence companies in and near Magna, so what makes us different? Well, for starters we run an organized and modern fence company, we employ the best sales staff, installers, and administrators in the fencing business, and we are committed to providing excellence both in Magna fence installation services, but also in customer service and project management.

      Above all, we value the way our fence contracting services improve the community and help Magna families and businesses stay safe and secure against the outside world.

      Fences, whether residential or commercial in application, exist for protection. They are installed to enclose the people, property, and assets that you care most for in your life. At The Fence Company of Magna , we take this to heart and genuinely believe that our fence contracting company helps to insure that our clients are safe and what they care most about is also safe, to us, a fence isn’t just a fence, it’s a barrier between safe and harm that acts as a constant security guard for your property.


      Oftentimes, local Magna fence companies can cut corners and increase profits by purchasing their fence panels, posts, pickets, hardware, and accessories from inferior fence wholesalers or fence manufacturers.

      Simply the best fence material available on the market

      All of the aluminum fence, chain link fence, composite fence, iron fence, vinyl fence panels, and wood fence parts used in our installation projects are top of the line, American made, & wind and element safe. At no point would we ever use anything less than the best that money can buy.

      Installing premium fence materials in Magna ensures for a lifelong construction and increases the look, longevity, and resistance of your fence by many more years than if you were to buy from other Magna fence companies that may offer a lower price up front.


      Every client should take the time to get multiple fence estimates and quotes from the top fence installation contractors in Magna. This helps you determine which fence company meets your budget, quality, and service needs, and also help you get a feel for the market in your area.

      We understand it can be difficult to discern good fence companies from bad fence companies near Magna, so here is a short list of points that you should evaluate:

      • Are the licensed and insured fence contractors?
      • Are the prices far lower or higher than market standard?
      • Do they source their installation materials from premium local suppliers?
      • What is the lead time after signing a contract to installation and then completion?
      • Do they have reviews or examples of past work?
      • Are they knowledgeable about building code requirements?
      • Can they handle the potential complexity of installation on your property?
      The Fence Company of Magna, Utah: Hire the best and ignore the rest.

      We easily meet and exceed all fencing industry standards by any measure, we operate a quality fence business, offer fair pricing, and provide a quality of service and work that is often not achieved in Magna.

      Find out more about us by calling or contacting us today; our customer support staff will answer any questions you may have, and will help you get started on your next fencing project immediately.

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