How to Calculate Linear Feet & Measure Your Fence

How do you calculate linear feet for a fence

A Complete Guide to Calculating Linear Feet for Fence Installation in Salt Lake City: Aluminum, Vinyl, Iron, Wood, Chain Link, and Composite Fencing

Installing a fence around your Utah home is an excellent way to enhance privacy, security, and curb appeal. However, before you embark on your fencing project, it’s crucial to understand how to calculate linear feet accurately. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of calculating linear feet for different types of fences, including aluminum, vinyl, iron, wood, chain link, and composite. We’ll also provide tips specific to homeowners in the Salt Lake City area to ensure a successful fence installation.

Understanding Linear Feet:

Linear feet refer to the measurement of a straight line from one point to another. In the context of fencing, it represents the total length of the fence required to enclose your property.

Measuring the Perimeter:

Start by measuring the perimeter of the area where you intend to install the fence. Use a measuring tape or surveyor’s measuring wheel to determine the length of each side and add up all the measurements to obtain the total linear footage.

Calculating Gate Openings:

If you plan to include gate openings in your fence, don’t forget to account for their linear footage. Measure the width of each gate and add it to your total linear footage calculation.

Utah fence: Calculate linear feet & measure for accurate installation

Factors Influencing Linear Footage Calculation

Different fencing materials have varying requirements and installation methods, which may affect the linear footage calculation. Here’s a breakdown of how to calculate linear feet for various fence types:

  • Aluminum Fencing: Aluminum fences typically come in pre-assembled panels. Measure the distance between each fence post and add up the total linear footage of the panels. Don’t forget to include gate openings.
  • Vinyl Fencing: Vinyl fences can come in pre-assembled or unassembled panels at either 8′ or 6′ widths. Measure the distance between each fence post and add up the linear footage, including gate openings.
  • Iron Fencing: Iron fences are usually custom-built, and the linear footage calculation depends on the design and spacing of the fence elements. Measure the distance between each fence post and multiply it by the number of fence sections. Include gate openings in your calculation as well.
  • Wood Fencing: Wood fences are typically constructed using individual pickets or panels. Measure the length of each picket or panel and add up the total linear footage. Account for gate openings as well.
  • Chain Link Fencing: Chain link fences consist of interconnected wires, usually in rolls. Measure the length of the fence rolls, including gate openings, to calculate the linear footage.
  • Composite Fencing: Composite fences are made from a combination of wood and plastic materials. Measure the length of each panel and add up the linear footage, including gate openings.

Special Considerations for Salt Lake City

When installing a fence in Salt Lake City, there are a few specific considerations to keep in mind:

  • Local Regulations: Before installing a fence, check with the local authorities and homeowners association (if applicable) to ensure compliance with any regulations or restrictions regarding fence height, material, and design.
  • Weather Resistance: Due to the region’s climate, it’s essential to choose fencing materials that can withstand the extremes of heat, cold, and moisture. Consider options that are durable and require minimal maintenance.
  • Wind Load: Salt Lake City experiences occasional strong winds. Select fencing materials that are sturdy and have adequate wind resistance to prevent damage.

Calculating linear feet for fence installation is an important step in planning and budgeting your project. By following the guidelines provided in this guide, homeowners in Salt Lake City can accurately determine the linear footage required – need help or want to hire a Salt Lake City fence company to measure it for you? Contact us today.

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