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Aluminum Fence Installation in Utah

Aluminum fencing is a type of metal fence material that is powder-coated black, bronze, or white. Commonly used in residential Utah properties where privacy is of no concern, this cost-effective iron fence alternative is perfect for pool enclosures, backyards that border bodies of water or waterways, and for homes with small children or pets. Aluminum fence panel styles are typically very similar, often consisting of a top and bottom rail, with an option for a third rail, and a transparent fencing panel that features pickets spaced a few inches apart.

Aluminum Fencing Features:

  • Ornamental aluminum
  • Aluminum pool fencing
  • Black, bronze, and white color
  • Heights up to 6 Ft.
  • Custom aluminum gates available

We are no-dig aluminum fence installation specialists, and it is our preferred method whenever possible.

Apart from the traditional method of digging holes and cementing fence posts, we also offer a no-dig solution for vinyl, cedar wood, aluminum, iron, and chain link styles, and all metal posts are covered so they are not noticeable with your finished product.

Why is no dig aluminum fence installation a better solution?

  • Less disturbance on your current landscaping because we eliminate the need to use heavy equipment, dig large holes, and truck in cement.
  • Posts won’t shrink, warp or twist which can happen with standard wood posts.
  • No leftover dirt from holes to deal with. Most contractors require the customer to clean up the dirt left over from digging large post holes. We leave your yard cleaned up with very minimal impact on the current landscaping.
  • Cement and wood can break down over time with Utah’s harsh climates. In fact, with most fences, the posts are the first to fail due to erosion from the elements.
  • Rated for up to 70 mph wind loads. This is twice the wind load capacity over a typical 4X4 post.
  • Easy to repair. Accidents happen and when they do our fences allow for a much easier repair.
  • 25-year warranty on all posts against rust and corrosion.

If you live in a very rocky area that won’t allow us to use our no-dig methods or wants a fence product that won’t allow for no-dig posts, our installers have years of experience installing with traditional hand-dig and cement post setting. Whatever your fencing needs, we can take care of it in a professional manner.

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