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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Fence Installation

When searching for a fence contractor, gathering the correct information is essential before deciding. Prices can vary between  estimates, and you’ll want to compare “apples to apples.” Here are ten questions you should consider asking when discussing your project with an estimator so that you can accurately compare the differences in estimates and make the best […]

Do I need a permit to put a fence around my property in Utah

Finding out whether or not you need a permit for your fence installation project When it comes to putting up a fence around your property in Utah, one of the most common questions that homeowners have is whether or not they need a permit. The answer to this question can depend on a number of […]

Can you install a fence without concrete?

Installing a fence around your property is a great way to add privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. However, many homeowners in Utah wonder if it’s possible to install a fence without concrete. In this article, we’ll explore whether it’s feasible to install a fence without concrete in Utah, and the factors to consider when doing […]

What type of fence provides the most privacy

Why do you need a privacy fence? Utah is a beautiful state with vast open spaces and breathtaking landscapes. While many Utahns enjoy the views, they may want to create a bit of privacy for their homes or yards. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a fence. However, not all […]

Can You DIY a Fence?

Can You DIY a Fence? A Guide for Utah Homeowners Installing a fence around your property can provide privacy, security, and even increase your home’s curb appeal. As a homeowner in Utah, you may be wondering if you can tackle the project on your own as a DIY project. In this blog post, we’ll take […]

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