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How to choose a dog or pet fence in Utah

How to Choose a Dog Fence in Utah: Ensuring Pet Safety and Peace of Mind Are you a proud pet owner in Utah, residing in cities like Salt Lake City, Murray, Draper, or West Jordan? As much as we love our furry friends, their safety is always a top priority. One crucial aspect of responsible […]

How to Choose a Pool Fence in Utah

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Choose a Pool Fence in Utah As a homeowner in Utah, ensuring the safety and security of your pool area is of utmost importance. A crucial aspect of pool safety is selecting the right pool fence. With various materials and regulations to consider, choosing a suitable pool fence can be […]

How do you calculate linear feet for a fence

A Complete Guide to Calculating Linear Feet for Fence Installation in Salt Lake City: Aluminum, Vinyl, Iron, Wood, Chain Link, and Composite Fencing Installing a fence around your Utah home is an excellent way to enhance privacy, security, and curb appeal. However, before you embark on your fencing project, it’s crucial to understand how to […]

Feature Comparison: Setting Fence Posts with Wet Concrete vs Dry Set Concrete

Setting Fence Posts with Wet Concrete vs Dry Set Concrete in Utah: Which is the Better Option? When it comes to installing a fence in Utah, one of the critical decisions you need to make is whether to set your fence posts with wet concrete or dry set concrete. Both methods have their advantages and […]

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Fence Installation

When searching for a fence contractor, gathering the correct information is essential before deciding. Prices can vary between  estimates, and you’ll want to compare “apples to apples.” Here are ten questions you should consider asking when discussing your project with an estimator so that you can accurately compare the differences in estimates and make the best […]

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